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A1 R1A graded control rooms

Established in 1993, SMC operates two A1 R1A graded control rooms which are fully manned and operate 24hrs, 7 days a week. We focus on providing a wholesale alarm monitoring service to our large number of installers and end clients performed in accordance to AS2201.2

Our national monitoring platform, together with our dual redundant configuration affords SMC the luxury to create a virtual load sharing environment that seamlessly manages natural disasters and unexpected traffic flow, ensuring a continuous high level of service delivery for our customers.

We offer monitoring for the below categories.

  • Burglary/Intrusion
  • Fire and Medical Alarms
  • Personal Emergency Response (PERS)
  • Personal Duress and Lone Worker
  • Facilities and Assets Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring

Security installers around Australia and New Zealand choose to use SMC for the following reasons:

  • Full coverage across Australia & New Zealand.
  • Operating two fully manned control rooms.
  • ASIAL Graded A1 R1A. The highest grading level in Australia.
  • Large range of love worker solutions.
  • Competitive 4G monitoring rates.
  • Remote monitoring portal for installers.

Security technology

With security technology evolving at a rapid rate, we are committed to having up-to-date technology and interactive services which helps supports our Security Installers to grow in the monitoring space. We have led the industry in implementing technology to enable automation and innovation.

Having now integrated with over 25 different security suppliers all over the country, our I.T team, which consists of ten Australian based employees, are always available to ensure SMC remains at the forefront.

We will continue to be at the forefront of providing services to help enhance the bureau’s business. Below are some of our latest examples of this expansion into solutions that assist our bureaus in today’s rapidly evolving security market.

Remote video response

SMC’s Remote Video Response utilises the latest security automation software to integrate Intruder Detection systems and CCTV systems.

Remote video monitoring enables a more informed and rapid response and can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional guards and patrol manpower.

Using this solution, SMC can offer Remote Video Response, Virtual Patrols & Virtual Escort.

Lone Worker Solutions


SMC has formed strong relationships with many Lone Worker suppliers around Australia and has integrated many new products into our monitoring platform. Ranging from mobile duress apps, and robust stand-alone devices with two-way voice through to the newest wearable technology. SMC has many aspects covered.

SMC also has a very strong relationship with MCM Electronics, which offers the Neveralone 4G device, which was the winner of the 2021 Product of the Year Category.

High Security Type 1A Monitoring


SMC has recently been supporting our installers with High Security Gallagher Type1 monitoring.

We can offer any Gallagher certified installer with this type of monitoring and will support them along the journey with service provider setup and application performed by our team.

Having recently won the ASIAL award for best equipment manufacturer combined with SMC’s two fully operational control rooms, customers relying on this service can rest assured their assets are safe.


We're here to help.
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We're here to help.
Speak to our team
of experts today.